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ERP Evidence of Predictive Sentence Processes

Submit Time: 2020-06-19
Author: 岳金星 1 ; 卜玉伟 2 ; 李佳音 1 ;
Institute: 1.哈尔滨工业大学; 2.哈尔滨工业大学(威海);


本文梳理了国际期刊发表的使用事件相关电位(ERP)技术研究人脑开展预测性句子加工所取得的主要成果和重要突破。本文从心理语言学对句子预测的研究逻辑为切入点,接着分别回顾通过N400和前侧正波(frontal positivity)两个ERP效应揭示词形预测和语义预测这两个预测性句子加工主要操作的研究里程碑,并进而总结勾勒出预测性句子加工理论模型。最后,本文指出了现有研究的局限性和未来该课题潜在的方向。
[英文摘要]This paper reviews the primary findings and breakthroughs of the study on predictive sentence processing by using event-related potentials (ERPs), published in international journals. Our review begins with introducing the rationale of sentence prediction in psycholinguistics. Then, the paper surveys the milestones that revealed the associations between two major predictive processes and their ERP correlates: N400 and frontal positivity effects. A model of predictive sentence processing is concluded based on the previous study. Finally, the paper proposes the limitations of the existing studies and possible directions for further research in the future. "
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From: 岳金星
Recommended references: 岳金星,卜玉伟,李佳音.(2020).基于ERP的预测性句子加工研究前沿.现代外语.[ChinaXiv:202006.00174] (Click&Copy)
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