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VAT of the lexical tones in Mandarin Chinese

Submit Time: 2019-06-20
Author: Jiangping Kong 1 ; Ruifeng Zhang ;
Institute: 1.中国科学院文献情报中心;


[英文摘要] " The purpose of this research was to investigate the association of vocal attack time (VAT) and tones in speakers of Mandarin Chinese, and to explore how tones initiated at different pitch levels affected VAT. SP and EGG signals were synchronously re corded from 72 young undergraduates or postgraduates (42 females and 30 males) while they were reading aloud a wordlist of 50 disyllabic words at their most comfortable pitch, loudness and rate. VAT measures revealed three findings . (1) Vocal attack time s hows no significant difference between the common yangping and the yangping derived from shangsheng . This, from a physiological perspective, supports the argument that the tone sequence 3 3 in Mandarin is indeed converted into 2 3, nothing else. (2) The to nes of Mandarin Chinese that start from low pitch levels (35, 21) tend to present significantly different VAT values from those that start from high pitch levels (55, 51), with mean VATs of the former being much longer than those of the latter. This embodi es the nonlinear contra variant relationship between VAT and F0 at vowel onsets. (3) There are deviations or individual differences: a small number of people do not follow this pattern.
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From: 王玉菊
Recommended references: Jiangping Kong,Ruifeng Zhang.(2019).VAT of the lexical tones in Mandarin Chinese.[ChinaXiv:201906.00039] (Click&Copy)
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